Good Morning, Sunday the 7th of July

Just a quick post this morning. Yesterday I wrote 993 words for the day and have all but finished that short story. If I’d checked my word count earlier on in the evening I’d have found somewhere to add those elusive seven words, but I didn’t check till well gone midnight.

Today I’m going to have a little look at CS1 while at a write in and probably work on a book review as well. So I don’t think I’ll get too many words cracked lot but we’ll see how it goes.

With the vampire stories I really need to have a look through my drafting file and transfer the completed 1st drafts over to the main Scrivener file as it’s looking a little messy (over 20k there now).

That’s all for now, folks! I hope everyone had an awesome Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning, Sunday the 7th of July

    • I’d like to think I will, but in our NaNoWriMo region we don’t tend to write too much in these meets outside of November. It’s more of a social meet which is always fun.


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