Good Morning, Sunday! July 21st 2019

Good morning, folks. This last week has been up and down with writing. I’ve had a day where I hit 1112 words, and another where I wrote 135. I feel a little like A cop out when I’m writing 135 onto my spreadsheet, but you know what? that’s just how it goes some days.

Today, I’m going big and going to hit 2000 words! I want to get a big chunk of Extraction done today. I’d also like to get some beta notes worked through as well.

I have lost focus recently and I’m going proactive to get back on track. In the next seven days I’m going to push and get Extraction done (unless it evolves from a short story to a novella). I’m going to get back into CS1 and start making the changes I want to make on that, and I’m going to get to work on a blog post that won’t be a regular post like the daily ones I post.

Right, I’m going to have a little breakfast and then get stuck into Extraction (now Pages has finished updating). Have a good day, folks!

2 thoughts on “Good Morning, Sunday! July 21st 2019

  1. Good luck on today’s 2000 words!

    For this week I’m going to re-plot some scenes in my WIP to fix plot holes and confusions my writing mentor pointed out to me. It’s almost (ALMOST) overwhelming how much she found, but then I figure as a newbie I’m going to have mistakes like that. It’ll just take time. Writing has a steep learning curve!

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    • It has a very steep learning curve. I’ve had notes form Beta readers recently that have reminded me of that.

      I have just hit the 2000 words fo the day. So I’m rather happy now. Good luck with your re-plotting.


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