3rd of August 2019

Hey folks! Just a quickie past as I wait for friends before going to the coast for the evening.

I don’t feel like I’ve done a whole hell of a lot this week. We had the book launch for 84 Stories 84 Words on Monday night (I’ll write a post about that soon) but aside from that I’ve not done a lot writing wise. I did wrap up the first draft of a short story I’m hoping to submit shortly, and started two other stories. One will be another short while another is a bigger piece that’s more of a long term project that I want to get rolling a bit.

I did listen to the audiobook of Under The Weather which has my story, The Snow in it. Really weird listening to my words being read by a professional it also super cool!

Right, I’m gonna you there. Come this week I’m going to try and get back into a writing routine again.

Have a great Saturday, folks!

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