4th of August 2019

Good evening. I went to the Write-In today and wrote 1706 words. Very happy with that. I then cleaned a henhouse out when I got home, and chilled out before dinner. After that I made some edit notes on a short story and submitted it to an anthology. My first submission for quite some time, fingers crossed.

Words wise I’ve written 825 on Monday, 1443 on Tuesday, 0 on Wednesday, another 0 on Thursday, on Friday I wrote 130 on one story and 309 on another while yesterday I wrote 0, and today I’ve knocked out 1706 words. That’s a total of 4413 for the week. For three zero word days I’m pretty darn happy about that. Next week I’d love to be hitting the 5k mark.

Right, I’m going to finish this episode of Orange is the New Black and then dive into a book. My reading has been crap this year and I need to pick up the pace again.

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