17th of August 2019

Good evening, today I’ve written 1182 words. This means I’ve passed a thousand words a day for the last four days, which I’m super happy about. I feel like the world makes a little more sense when I’m getting words out. I’m not ignorant of the fact that this story has really spoken to me, I do fear I’ve put a little too much of myself into it but I’ll see how it looks when I come to edit it.

Tomorrow I’m aiming for a productive day. I’d like to get this short story done, but the big job of the day is editing the zombie novella. I’ve taken into account a couple of beta readers thought and have an editor lined up to look at it. So I’m going to go through and add a few bits, take a few bits out and hopefully tighten it up.

I am struggling to keep my eyes open, so I’m off to bed and plan an early start tomorrow.

Have fun, everyone!

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