Having Faith In Ourselves

It is very easy for my confidence to be knocked when I am writing and seeing as I am my own worse critic I end up doubting my own ability a lot. As I’ve been working Avoiding The Game (working title) I’ve slowly lost faith in myself which says that this project is not my best work. This leads to me loosing that faith in myself and not having that much-needed passion about writing. Then I start reading Project Apollo, which I know needs a lot of work to get it back on track, and I see that I CAN write and its pretty good (I’m not being big-headed (much lol) just trying to get it into my head that I can write). As I said Project Apollo needs work. It veers off in a direction that is weak and as I was working on this draft (during NaNoWriMo) I lost my way with it. I had a rough outline for the first few chapters but once I ran out of those notes I lost all direction. So now me and Owen are both reading it (separately) and both making our notes so hopefully we can find the point where I lost my way and plot out the rest of the story from there as well as making the notes for what we need to add into the story.

We also need to do some work on the layout of this so that’s another aspect it I need to think about. Me and Owen have talked about how we would like to lay it out so it’s just a case of setting that up.

What I’d like to have done is to have each stage of the story loosely plotted out and the lay out set up too. Along with the story which feels quite complicated there is still a lot to do but I need to appreciate that this is a bigger story then I was thinking it would be. This will also set the standard for the rest the fiction from this universe so we need to be spot on with it.


I would just like to throw in a quick link here, I found this episode of The Dead Robots Society very interesting and helpful and I hope you do also.



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