Good Morning!

Good morning wherever you are, or good afternoon or evening depending on when you are reading this. It’s morning here in cloudy England but apparently the sun will be making an appearance at some stage during the day.

Despite a dreary start to the day I am feeling quite energised now and I’m feeling like I need to fire myself up a little. So I thought I’d write a blog post 😀

As I said in a post last night, I am listening to On Writing by the awesome Stephen King and this has really inspired me to get my arse into gear and get some fiction done. As some of you may know I finished a draft of Avoiding The Game and I’m now little that breath a little before looking at it again so I’m working on Project Apollo to see where I went wrong with it and to start planning the rest of the story. I’ve only got about 20k words of it so it needs a middle and an end. I’d also like to add more to the start of the story so that needs to be roughly plotted out too. Owen has some good notes on it too.
I was concerned that I had lost my way with it as I felt the last part of what I’ve so far done drifted a little, but after reading it last night I’ve seen that its not bad, some of the writing is weak but that can be fixed. I was concerned that the story dropped off but I think it’s okay, or will be with a little tweaking.
So the next stage is to get on the blower to Owen and do some plotting and get actually writing once more 🙂

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