Good Morning Wednesday!

Good morning Internet, last night I finished a short story that I wrote a good couple of years ago. My amazing Beta readers had read it last year some time and I finally got through the notes that I was given back, making some of the changes suggested (Including the title of the story) and then I read through it to make sure I was happy with the final draft. I will probably do one last read through in a months time to make sure that its as polished as I can make it. This will not involve any changes to the story of the characters (unless I see a massive mistake). It will be just to make sure the are no typos and so forth.

What next? Well I’m working on something new which will be a short story, although I haven’t planned it out and I’ve only written a handful of words for it so far. That’s what I’m trying to work on during my lunch breaks. I will also start looking at the first of my vampire stories. These I am still thinking about putting into a collection and putting up online, but it is a lot of work and really I’d like to have ten stories included in it and although each is an independent story I’d like there to be a story arc over the collection. So I need to write another five stories and have them all tie in.

I’ve almost finished Catching Fire now, this book is playing havoc with my sleep. I’m about fifty pages off wrapping it up so it should be done by tomorrow 🙂

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