An Update

It’s been a while since I’ve shared an update like this, but I won’t bore you all by making it a long post.

Project Apollo is coming along, albeit it a little slowly. Me and Owen have left out a lot which we need to correct which is what I am primarily working on at the moment. Due to work commitments Owen is not able to spend as much time on it as he would like but we are making progress. As I’ve said before this is such a complicated universe we are treading carefully because Project Apollo is the start of a series of stories so we need to get everything just right.

I had more feedback from a Beta reader on my short stories that I’m looking to publish next year and I’m thinking over what my Beta said. One thing that people seem to say about my work is have I thought about expanding it.

The Residents is going to be getting attention later on this year and early next year. The more me and Chrystalyn talk about this the more excited I get 🙂

Reading wise I’m still working through Stephen King’s The Drawing Of The Three. I am enjoying it but I’m not the quickest reading and with King I read slowing because, well I think he puts so much into these books that I’m trying to take it all in.
I’m also listening to Neuromancer by William Gibson, which I’m not enjoying as much as I thought I would, but with this one I’m tempted to listen to it twice before forming an opinion. I’m listening to it as I’m working so I do have to stop it occasionally which doesn’t help.

And finally, NaNoWriMo. I am planing my NaNo project during my lunch breaks and I’m getting some good ideas scribbled down. I’ve actually got key plot points listed and I know how it’s going to end (this always helps) and I’ve scribbled down a lot of character notes.
If you are doing NaNo and would like to Buddy me I’m PeterJReaper over there 🙂


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