Gearing Up For A Busy Weekend

This coming weekend I would like to; get chapter 2 of Project Apollo wrapped up. Look through, organise and write up all the notes I have for The Residents. I also need to tidy up (this is high on the to-do list as a lot of nots are jumbled up in stakes of paper). I’d also like to finish my Marvel Movie Marathon, just Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World to go.
I am also reading an Advanced Review Copy (ARC) of a novel that will be out shortly that has been written by someone I know and I want to get that read and a review written for it done quickly. And I’m off to a pub with Owen for a couple of drinks Saturday night.

Now, I know me and I’m sure that I won’t get that all done, but I do have the whole weekend from when I finish work at lunch time of Saturday so I’m going to do my best to tick off as much as I can.

I am feeling very focused at the moment and I’m very energised after the best part of a three hour Skype call with Chrystalyn last night where we made a lot of progress with The Residents and I’m sure Owen and I will make similar progress Saturday. While I’m feeling this energised I’m going to try and take advantage of it.


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