A Not So Easy Sunday

This Sunday I’m planning on watching the last two films in my Marvel Movie Marathon (Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World). And I’m planning to work on Chapter 3 of Project Apollo. As well as do a little more reading of the book I’ve received and ARC for. I still need to tidy up as I’ve got a shed load of paper work to go through. This is mainly all the little snippets of stories that I’ve written as well as notes that I’ve scribbled down on paper. That in mind I need to write up all the notes that I’ve written down over the last few weeks especially. This week alone Chrystalyn and I have spent almost six hours in two sittings brainstorming, that reminds me I need to do some reading on a research topic for The Residents, so obviously I have a fair few notes to write up.

Am I going to get all of this done? Absolutely not, I’m going to give it a bloody good go though 🙂

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