Cracking On

I’m reading through Earth, After Liberation and I’ve got about forty double spaced A4 pages to go. I’m fairly sure that if I had pulled my finger out then I could have gotten it all read through this weekend but I wanted to make sure that I got some rest over the Easter break as well. I’ve managed to watch some movies and some football this weekend as well as getting some of this read through done. I have gotten to the part where it needs work. It’s getting quite disjointed and I’m not just finding little parts that need adjusting but entire paragraphs, but I knew it got like this about here. So that’s what I’m going to try and have done by this time next week.

Chrystalyn and I had a Skype chat on Saturday evening and we thrashed out some more details for The Residents. I’m getting very excited about this one as it’s such an awesome story and Chrystalyn has such a creative mind its great to brainstorm with her. It’s like when Owen and I brainstorm, just with less immature humour 😛

I’m taking a break from Project Apollo at the moment. I think I’ve overdosed on it a little. Owen is still working on some of the bigger aspects of the story as well as reading through what we already have. This is still a long way off but it’s looking a little more fine tuned now so when we get back to working on it full speed hopefully it wont take too long to get knocked out.

On the private life side of things I’m adjusting to being single again. I’ve focused a lot of my time on writing and watching movies. These two have served as a good release for me in the last six weeks or so. I’ve had great support from friends which has reminded me just how lucky I am to have such good people around me.

For the foreseeable future I’m really going to focus on writing. As I said in a post last week I went to a Write In at Starbucks in the Bluewater shopping centre last Sunday and that has proved to be very motivating. I was feeling really quite lost with writing, maybe even disillusioned but sitting with the three others who were there and just writing and hearing about what they were working on and learning a little about them was just awesome. I do work long hours but I’m going to make sure that if I have the chance to go to future Write In’s then I’m going. Just that little bit of motivation has fired me up and I’m eager to get working again.


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