NaNoWriMo 2018………Just A Few Days To Go

So, we are just a few days away from this years NaNoWriMo. I’ve got my regional kick-off party this afternoon which I’m really looking forward to, and one last meet of a regular meet organised by an ML on Wednesday.

I am really excited for this years NaNo. Last year got derailed by life, which could happen at anytime to be fair.

A failed attempt at planning when I got to work and realised I didn’t have anything in my folder to write on.

This year I am going to fo do something a little different. Last year I had to write a short story for an anthology which I had a very short window to have it done in. Thankfully it was one that I had an idea for anyway and was able to get it done. But it took me away from NaNo. So this year I’m going to write a short story collection. I think some will be very short, barely a thousand words. While others may get up to novella lengths. I’m doing this partly to be flexible. If I have a sudden submission I need to do (I’m not expecting to but you never know) then I can add that story as part of the collection. Another factor is I always get to a point where I hit a wall. I’ll find a plot hole, or the story comes to an end 15,000 words before the 50k. So if I get stuck this year, I can just switch to another story and get rolling again (hopefully!). There is also the chance that one will catch fire and then if that happens I’ll role with it for as long as I can.

All I want to do preparation wise before Thursday is figure out which of the story ideas I’ve got I want to (and am ready to) start first. Some ideas are already quite well thought, others are just one sentence.

It also allows me to crack on with my main project as well. I can always write scenes in my NaNo file and then copy and paste those scenes into the projects main folder.

I am going to be hosting a couple of write-ins this year in my region, which is something I’ve not really done before but I’m looking forward to it. Being an ML (Municipal Liaison) is something that appeals to me, but I work long hours and need to get my head around my own time management before I commit to being an ML.

A successful NaNo prep (ie, I remembered the notebook!)

This will be my eighth  NaNoWriMo, I’ve hit 50k three times in the previous seven years and I do consider myself a veteran. I know it’s good to write more than the minimum when you can as there will always be days where you won’t hit the 1666 or get a zero word day. No matter how well you plan, life can get in the way in ways that you have no control over. And, this is important, it doesn’t matter if you don’t hit the 50k. What matters is you just write. Put words down on paper or into the digital world. Don’t worry about editing. Don’t worry about whether it makes any sense. Don’t worry about how many words more others are doing (some people can write at unbelievable speeds). Just write your story. Worry about everything else after NaNo. You can’t edit nothing.

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