3rd of January 2018

I’m pretty sure I’m going to misspell January in the title of a blog post at least one day this month.

The day job is resuming its normal routine which is good. The Christmas period is something I enjoy, I get to spend a bit more time with my family than I normally do and the extra days rest are always a plus but it does throw me out of my everyday routine quite a bit, and although it’ll be Monday when it all gets back to normal properly its still nice getting a feel that things are getting back to normal.

Getting into a routine with writing is something I’m being conscious of at the moment. Due to it being Christmas I don’t have access to my desk (Christmas decorations) but come Monday I’ll hopefully be able to get back to it in time to get PE3 edited.

At the moment I’m writing during my lunch at work and while sitting on my bed with my laptop, which isn’t going to bad if I’m honest. I seem to write pretty well from about 9pm which sits well with my evenings at the moment. It’s helped me get to 1126 words today on a short story. This has what I hope is good dialogue between characters, I like it at least. This story isn’t being difficult, for the most part it’s been writing itself which is always fun when it starts.

Time to call it a night. I need to do some reading and then sleep before doing it all again tomorrow.

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