Good Morning, Sunday 6th of January 2018

Good morning, I’ve had a decent few days getting some words down. Since my last post (3rd Jan) I’ve written 1601 words. Almost eight hundred of those were written in the early hours of yesterday morning (5th). I couldn’t sleep, I mean I lay in bed for an hour just staring at the ceiling, doing my best to ignore the kitten bouncing around the place. As happens when you’re laying in bed trying to sleep my mind was working and I just rolled over and grabbed my phone and wrote. There is always that fear that writing when half asleep the words will be rubbish but when I’ve read it back I quite like what I’ve written. I wrote two scenes, one of which was just my brain spewing thoughts while the other was what I hope will be the start of a story that I had the title of, because it sounded great. The type of story I hope it’ll be suits the title well, I think.

I think I’m nearing the end of this third zombie short story I’ve been working on. I’d really like to have it done today but we’ll see. Tomorrow I’ll have access to my desk again, and I’ll begin the digital edit of PE3. I’d like to do a chapter a night, but I’ll see how each night goes. I know I’m at the cinema on Tuesday, and a write-in on Wednesday so I won’t get much of the edit done on those nights. I know I could edit at the write-in, but I like having the bigger screen for this phase of the editing process and at write-ins it’s easier to write. I’m not a writer that dreads editing (well not yet anyway), but I do need to be very focused on it. So it will be earphones on, hood up and cracking on.

Time to crack on and see where this zombie story takes me.

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