10th September 2020

Good evening folks.

After prepping for the appointments I had today, which took a little longer than expected, I got stuck into the editing. First was making changes from a red pen edit. I then sent that one off to beta readers. Then I got stuck into the first edit of a short story. I’m liking this one a lot. It’s now onto my next stage of editing which is reading it out loud with a red pen.

I didn’t get any new words written today, but got that editing done.

I’m shattered so I’m off to bed. Have a good one folks.

2 thoughts on “10th September 2020

  1. I’m glad you’re liking the story! (It’d be a bummer if you didn’t.) I did some technical writing today and then started on my own stuff, fixing up a haunted house story. Got a little more to do after dinner. Progress is nice.:-)

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