8th of August 2021

Good evening folks! How are we all tonight?

I’ve had a long day at work, Sunday’s normally are, but I managed to get 550 words written today. Mostly during my lunch break but a few this evening as well.

Now that I’ve started on the mermaid story I need to start on what my NaNoWriMo story will be. I know what story I’m going to try but I’m anxious that I don’t have the writing chops to do the story justice. I want it to have a certain tone to it and I’m honestly not sure I can pull it off. I won’t know until I try though.

Something I’m doing better with is reading. For almost two years now I’ve struggled with reading but I’m trying really hard to just sit and read each day. Which is what I’m going to be doing in a minute.

I hope everyone has had a good evening, and this week coming just go out a smash it out of the park!

4 thoughts on “8th of August 2021

  1. I hope your book is good.:-) Today I received not one but TWO notices from publishers that stories I had submitted were rejected. Oh well. I wrote a new cover letter and sent out one of them to an even more difficult publisher.:-) I’ll have to search around for a market for the longer story.

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