Today’s Update 11/07/12

I hit my target for today, although I was not close to matching Mondays word count but I did manage to do better than yesterday so I’m happy with that.  I did delete close to 200 words which were not working.  I know its only two hundred but when there’s less than 2000 words of story its a lot.

I will be looking to submit one of my short stories by the end of he year, but again it goes back to the editing issue that I have to get over but I’m feeling confident that it wont be an issue when I get into the actual act of editing.  Putting something up on Amazon myself is becoming a very attractive option.  I’m tempted to put up one of my short stories and charge the minimum price for it.  I am thinking about doing this as it’ll hopefully be a gentle way in learning how to put fiction on Amazon as I don’t know the procedure for it.  I will be submitting the story to a few markets before I do that though.

That’s me done for the night, it’s time to dive into a decent book 🙂

6 thoughts on “Today’s Update 11/07/12

  1. Hi Emma, yeah I will be posting a link to the book on here once I’ve got things ready. I am planning to put something up on Lulu as well but when I do that it’ll be about a 50,000 novel or a collection of short stories. Thanks for the award nomintation by the way. It’s greatly appreciated 🙂


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