Is It NaNoWriMo Time Yet???

I’ve kind of surprised myself recently with just how well I’m getting prepared for NaNo.  I’ve got a good three chapters and a prologue roughly planned out, I don’t want to get too detailed with this planning stuff as I think it will wipe the story from my head before I’ve written it.


I am going to aim at getting about 1800-2000 words written a day because I want to get a few words in the bank so when me and Tracie go off to Chester next month for a weekend I will be ahead of the target count at that point.  I really don’t want to take my laptop with me as I have every intention of chilling out whilst we’re up there 🙂


I am pretty hyped up for NaNo this year.  I’m really into the story that I am going to write so I’m itching for it to start!  If you want to add me to your writing buddy’s I’m PeterJReaper on the NaNo site 🙂

6 thoughts on “Is It NaNoWriMo Time Yet???

      • Sounds like a good challenge and quite hard work. I’ll pop over and read some. I’m aiming to get my next e-book out by mid December and that’s 90k on the page word count, approx, but there’s no pressure or fear of failure if I don’t hit my deadline so that keeps the writing hobby work fun; I’m interested to see what Nano looks like though; curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s what keeps me human. {;~)


        • Good luck with getting your next book out Richard. NaNo is very tough. I hit 30,000 words and then burnt out, but I learnt a lot about not only writing but about myself as a writer too. The biggest thing I took from NaNo is to just write and edit after 🙂 it’s deffinately worth a look 🙂


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