The State Of Play

I thought I’d take a moment tonight to share an update of where my various writing endeavours are at the moment. Project Apollo has slowed up in the last week or so but that is mainly because I have been distracted. My partner, Tracie, is in hospital at the moment so she’s been my first priority.

To the fiction though. Project Apollo is slowly coming together. Many of the little details are coming together and one big detail (which me and Owen both overlooked) is now hopefully fixed, I’ll be working on the details of that once this post is done. We’re still very happy with a lot of what we have so we’re not looking to do a total re-write but to work in the alterations where they need to be. I don’t think this is going to be easy but I really don’t want to have to throw away the best part of 30,000 words.

So that’s Project Apollo’s state of play, the other main project I am working on is also a collaboration. This one with my friend Chrystalyn Hope ( Chrystalyn wrote a Flash Fiction story called The Residents, Which I recently re-blogged, and she wants to make it a bigger piece of work and asked me if I wanted to work on it with her. I was on board pretty much as soon as she asked me about it, then after re-reading the story I was even more keen. Then Chrystalyn shared her thoughts on where she wants the story to go and the ideas started to pop into my head and I’ll admit, I’m pretty excited about it 😀

We’re still in the early stages, universe and character work mainly but we are working on how the storyline will run.


Both of these are pushing my abilities a lot which is great because I’m learning a lot about how to put this lot together. It’s also reminded me why I love talking to other writers and collaborating. We talk all these ideas out and ideas begin to escalate and grow into the story we want.


I’ve recently tided up  a short story that I’ve had written for quite some time. I worked in some notes that my awesome Beta readers had suggested, including a title change. I was going to get a cover made up for it  and self publish it myself but instead I am going to shop it around and see if I can get a buyer for it. I am still going to self publish work but I think it’s worth a punt to try and sell my short stories, well some of them at least.


Ideas are really flowing at the moment. Mainly for these two main projects but also for other things that are in the pipeline as well as stories I’d like to write in the future. I’m also having those random ideas that fit into nothing that I’m working on at the moment or that I will be in the future. These are just odd ideas that are getting written down and stored for future use.


That’s pretty much it for the moment. Me and Owen would like to be on the actual writing stage of Project Apollo by the end of the month but we’ll have to wait and see. the story with Chrystalyn is, as I said is in the early stages but I’m pretty sure we’ll be writing it sooner rather then later 😀


I think I’ve rambled on enough for now, so I’m getting back to work 🙂

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