Good Morning Sunday

Everything is typed up for the first draft of Project Apollo, so technically it’s now done and not a couple weeks ago like I said but its all done now. It’s now off to Owen for his thoughts and adjustments, I will admit I am expecting to do a lot of work on the end of the novel, although I think it’s not quite long enough to deemed a novel but any way I think it will need a bit of work. I have spoken to Owen about how I feel about the ending and he said type it up and to let him have a look. This may be one of those times I’ve got a bit of unfounded doubt with it but ill wait and see what he says.

While I’m waiting for Owen to get back to me with it I’m going to do some minor edits on a flash piece and then do an Out Loud read through of a short story I’ve had written for a while then I’m going to have my grammar reader look it over because that’s not my strongest point. Then I’ll do the alterations that will be needed and then I’ll be sending it to the magazines to try and sell it. Am I nervous about this? Hell yes! But I’m also looking forward to getting that first rejection too. I’m going to do what Stephen King did and knock a nail into my bedroom wall and each rejection email I get I’m going to print it off and pin it to the wall.

If I don’t sell it I’m going to self-publish it as an ebook, I’m not sure how long I’m going to be submitting it before I give up and do it myself, that’ll be a decision I make when the time comes.

Off topic a bit I want to mention an app I have on my iPhone. It’s called WriteChain. Basically it’s an app where you get a link each day that you write. You enter how many words you’ve written and it adds it all up. You can set a target word count for each day (mines only a 100 words) and you can set it up so that you can have a day off, or two or three depending on how you feel, I’ve only got it set to one day. Well the longest I’d ever got it was about three weeks, until recently. I was over thirty days of writing almost every day. On Friday I wrote 1281 words, and forgot to add it to WriteChain so I’m back to square one again. This is only a silly little thing that has no real consequence but I was gutted! Lol.

And there’s a picture of Owen, that was when we were supposed to be working but had digressed like we often do đŸ˜€


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