A Quick Update

What have I been up to in the last week? Not a lot unfortunately. The words have not flown quite as well as I have been hoping for. Until I can get down to Owen to go through his notes on Project Apollo I don’t really have a lot to do on it so I thought I’d start on what would be my next novel, which in hindsight was a bad idea because I’ll be needing to get back onto Apollo before I’ve finished a first draft.
I’ve only written a few pages of this next novel, Project Sabre, so I’m going to put it to one side and work on tidying up a short story that I’ve had written for a while and I’m going to work on a new short story as well. This one I’ve got a good idea for so I’m going to make a start on that this weekend.

Reading wise I’ve made a good dent in Stephen King’s The Drawing Of The Three. This is an interesting novel and quite different from the first book in the series.
I have also started reading Dark Spaces by Dionne Lister. This is a collection of short stories which are of the darker side of humanity and its really good. I’m about halfway through and these stories are damn creepy!

TV wise I finished watching the first series of Falling Skies and Oh My God what an ending! I can’t wait till I get paid so I can get series 2 😀


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