Just A Quickie

Hey guys and gals I just wanted to throw up a quick post here so I am going to apologise for any typos lol!

Project Apollo will be should firing again next week after me and Owen have sat down Saturday to talk out his notes on the final chapters. At best it’s just a bit of tidying up, at worst it’s a re-write of the ending (I’m still not confident with the ending and Owen hasn’t given any thoughts on it either way).

I had started work on my next novel but crashed on it, I don’t think I was ready for it if I’m honest. I couldn’t get the voice right, so instead I’ve now almost finished a short story which has been creeping around my head for some time now. I got a lot of it written at the weekend (God bless bank holiday weekends πŸ˜ƒ) and now I’ve just got to wrap it up, although saying that I think it’ll be longer then I first thought. I seem unable to write anything under the 5000 word mark.

Last night I finally did my out loud read through of a short story I’ve had written for a couple of years. There are quite a few changes to make, well fix. The story looks tidy and it is mainly a few sentences that need to be re-worded. Beta readers have looked at this one but I am considering asking someone who I haven’t approached as a beta to read it. One last pair of eyes on it would be good I think.

Once I’ve done those changes tonight my ‘Get Sh*t Done’ month will be done. Everything that I set out to get done will be done, as well as getting some other bits done 😊 this will be a first for me as I normally set a target and totally miss it so I’m beginning to feel good about it.

Also as so was reading my short story last night I actually started to think that people want to read my work, I’m not there 100% yet but some self-confidence in my writing is coming through πŸ˜€



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