A Good Day

Aside from almost breaking my left foot this morning (Ow!) I’ve had a really good day 🙂 I went to Starbucks in Bluewater shopping centre for a Write In with a Facebook group of writers I’m a member of. If I’m honest I wasn’t sure what to really expect, aside from writing that is, but I had a really good time. It was great sitting and talking to other writers and finding out what they are working on. During the three hours I was there I was able to knock out almost fifteen hundred words on the short story I’ve been ask to write. Sitting there and writing with other writers really motivated me and when I got home I wrote another thirteen hundred or so words and wrapped the short story up. Today is the first day that I have written that many words since NaNoWriMo last year.
I was hoping to get to about the four thousand mark for the short story but I’ll see how it goes when I read through it again this week. Something I’m learning is going with my gut on shorter pieces. I think I’m quite well suited to them with the current level of my writing ability.
Tonight I also started to go through Earth, After Liberation to see what I need to do with that to make it work. At the moment it’s very disjointed and I need to work some of the details into it better. So I’ll be brainstorming a lot as I’m going through it and looking at how to structure the story and the chapters.

Meeting up with these writers today, Anita, Dominique and Vikki, has done me the world of good, that lack of confidence in my ability to write that I was feeling is all but gone now and I’m eager to get some writing done again. The Residents and Project Apollo are still firmly in my mind as well, although Owen and I are taking a month break from it. Owen wants to look over what we’ve done so far and we need to brainstorm some back round details before we progress.


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