NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Twenty Nine

Today was one of those days where the real world threw a small spanner into the works of NaNo, but it was only a small one and I ended the day with 1028 for a total of 52574 words. I’d love to hit the 55k but I’m not going to bust a gut to get there. If I was the other side of 53k right now I’d give it a go but I’m not.


I think something that I can be good at is making the most of time I have. Today was a little up in the air first thing this morning but I managed to find a small window and crack out some words. This is a skill I really need to nurture and make the most of it. Especially as we approach the holiday season when there are social events and time when writing will not be easy to make time for. So when I get a few minutes before work, write. When I go out I like to get to places early, but instead of going in, why not sit in my car and write for five or ten minutes beforehand. If I’m standing in a queue while Christmas shopping, write. We’ve all got smartphones, why not make the most of them?


This weekend for instance, we’ve got our regions TGIO party (Thank God Its Over). There’s no reason why I can’t write a few words before getting down there, or once I’ve got home. Surprising I seem to be able to write pretty well at this time of night. Then on Sunday give it a decent shot and see what I can get down.

Once NaNo is finished I will be returning to PE3 full time, but I’m going to break up the stories I’ve worked on for NaNo and work on them individually in the future. I’ve got a lot I can play with and when I do need a change of pace from PE3 then I have plenty I can play with. In fact I’ve got enough to be working on things for the next two years if not longer. This short story collection probably has more novellas in it than short stories, but I’ll deal with that in the future.

That’s all for now. I’m off to the land of nod.

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