NaNoWriMo 2018- Day Thirty

Well, here it is. My last NaNoWriMo diary entry of 2018. I’ve kind of finished the month with a bit of a whimper with 506 words for a total of 53080 but I’m happy with that. Today did prove to be one of those days where I found it difficult to make the time but I made the most of what time I did have.

I am really happy with what I’ve managed to get written this month, I’ve found my flow again and I’m really excited to be getting back to PE3 tomorrow and getting that wrapped up.

This NaNo has been a real eye opener for me outside of what I’ve written. I’ve hosted nine write-ins and tried to be a supportive member in my local region, which combined broke the seven million words written mark! So thrilled with that achievement. I hope I’ve been encouraging and helpful when asked. I do consider myself a NaNoWriMo veteran. This was my eighth year, and my fourth win so I think I can say that I do hold that veteran status now.

I’m going to sign off from NaNoWriMo this year by saying that it doesn’t matter if you hit the 50k, what matters is that you write and don’t edit. You can always edit after NaNo, you can always carry on until the story is finished. Just write the story you want to write, at the pace you want to write it.

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