Good evening, folks. How are all you good people doing?

No word counts to report tonight. I have done some editing and although I added words it’s not worth mentioning how many I did add. The important thing is I got two scenes edited. It’s a drop in the ocean of editing I need to do, but it’s a start.

I keep trying to rewrite everything from scratch, but I’ve got a good half a dozen drafts completed of various stories, I just need to go through and do proper edits on them. In a minute I’m going to sit down and list all the drafts I’ve got done and figure out if I want to put them in an order or if I just gonna go with what takes my fancy, I’m tempted to put them in an order and work through them. The key thing I need to do is not do mass rewrites and not to start anything new. I’ve got to stop chasing the shiny new story and just get what I’ve got written polished and ready to get edited and either self-publish them or send them off to publishers.

I’m still trying to get my rhythm back, trying to find some real focus. I feel like I’m getting there day by day.

Today’s picture is Raven watching the birds.

2 thoughts on “19-07-2020

  1. You’ve got a good point about not chasing shiny new stories. I think there’s something to gain from finishing/polishing a not-perfect story.

    I did similarly today. I’m trying to work out a story logic problem, so I wrote a lot of what-if scenarios/revisions, but no new words for the actual story itself.

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    • I’ve just counted up all the pieces that I need to edit, it’s eleven….. I really need to pull my finger out.
      Even though you got no new words down, hopefully what you did today will help when you do sit down to write new words.


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