Good evening all! I got about half an hours work done tonight. All editing on the vampire book. At the moment I feel like this is a preliminary edit as I know I didn’t finish the rewrites when I was working on it last. So I’ll come to a point where I’ve got crack on rewriting as opposed to editing it. I was half thinking about working on multiple edits, but I think I’m just going to stick with this one till it’s done. I’m wondering if chopping and changing when editing isn’t a good idea. I can do it when I’m writing a draft but I’m not sure it’s productive at this stage.

I’m still struggling to sit down and read. I just can’t keep my attention on a book long enough without it wondering off. I need to be able to keep focused for half an hour or so to allow me to get into one of the books I’m trying to read at the moment.

That’s it for now. Another early start tomorrow so I’d like a little down time before I get me head down.

Be safe and half a good one, Folks!

A little “help” I had sorting bookcases out the other day.

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