Good evening, folks!

Just a quick post tonight, I don’t think I’ll be getting a lot of writing this early part of the week. It was very busy at work this morning, and I know for a fact that tomorrow is going to be busier. So this is where I’ve got to be sensible and not over exert myself.

I’m a little stuck with Black Blood at the moment as I well, I think I need to think out this final part before I start writing it.

Right folks, I’m off for the night. Rock on and be good!

2 thoughts on “21/12/2020

  1. Good luck getting unstuck with Black Blood. I studied a little (working on metaphors), and I plan on a little work (about 45 min) on a second draft of the story I wrote over the weekend. I also worked on 2021 goals; they’re becoming clearer.:-)

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