23 of December 2020

Good evening, folks!

I’ve had a few days off from writing. I’ve had other areas where I’ve been focusing my attention but I’m also not in any rush to get back onto Black Blood. I need to think the ending out a lot more deeper than I have done so far. If I rush it I’m going to mess it up, and I’ve got to get it right. I’ve figured out where I want things to sit when it’s done, I just need to figure out how best to get there.

I will be working on writing work over Christmas, I’ve got a short story I’m thinking about trying to dive into and if I’ve managed to figure out what I want to do with Black Blood then I might get working on that. If I’m being honest, I’m half tempted to stop where I am on Black Blood and begin the read through process and then plot the ending out then. I’ll see how I feel.

Right folks, you all have a good one!

An annoyed cat 🙄

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