Steady Progress

I’ve had a some-what productive week. I wrote about 950 words on tuesday night, only to throw them away the next day but I’ve got another two stories edited for my vampire collection and I’m writing another; this is one of the ones that I am having to write from scratch. I originally set a 3500 word target for the is one but I’ve upped that to 6000 and I’m currently at about 4500 and writing kind of blind now. I really hadn’t expected this story to go in this direction. One character in particular has been introduced and she’s not acting how I was expecting her to. I’d figure she’d be a nasty, yet charming character, but instead she’s coming across as a proper sweetie pie.


I’d like to think that this one will be done tomorrow so I can move onto the next story on Monday (although I have the dentist on Monday evening so I may not be inn any fit state to do anything!) this is the fifth story I’m working on, but it’ the fourth in the timeline. The next one to do is one of my favourite stories I have written; so I’m kind of looking forward to looking over that one again and tweaking it where it needs it.

This week has been quite demanding. The day job has been a little more demanding, which isn’t normally an issue but I’ve had a couple of bad days with hay fever which has knocked it out of me a touch. I have got a lot of work done this week and thanks to my Kent NaNo group I’ve found  a lot of motivation through them which I cannot be any more grateful for.

That’s it for now; I’m going to shut the iMac down and watch the England match.


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