In A Rut

The last two, three weeks I’ve really struggled to get going with anything, not just writing. Aside from the day job it feels like I’ve not got anything done for the last few weeks, well, aside from playing GTAV that is. I’m not sure why I’ve been like this, at the moment I’m thinking it’s just a case of life stuff maybe having more of an effect on me then it normally does.

I really going to try and get my arse into gear this week. I should be done with this read-through of Earth, After Liberation but I’m only up to Chapter 11.

That’s basically what I’m going to try and do this week, get my head back into it and get these notes made on Earth, After Liberation. I’ve got a lot of writing on it to do, which once I get there I know I’ll love but I’ve got to get the red-penning done before I can get there.

I’ve not even read much or watched many movies in the last couple of weeks either.

I need to get blogging regularly again as well. I feel like I’ve neglected it over the last few weeks. I’ve got something a little different to what I normally do in the pipelines which’ll be posted in the near future.

Today is the start of a new week and I’m determined to get back on track!

6 thoughts on “In A Rut

  1. I get in those ruts as well. Usually for me it happens when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed or I’m fried. Sometimes it takes a good recharge and doing something out of the norm for me to give it that boost. Good luck this week. I hope you get back on track. I’m doing the same thing myself.


  2. I feel your pain. A lot of real life stuff between work and my personal life conspired to make me a nonfunctional vegetable at the tail end of last week. I’m burned out at work and desperate for a change of pace (which is coming at the end of next month), but in the meantime…kinda stuck. If it helps you any, I did stuff I found uproariously fun this weekend, and it helped a bit. Not a crazy amount, but enough.


    • Maybe that’s what I need, some fun. It’s been a while since I’ve had a decent night out or hung out with friends. I’ve got a blog post ive been working on which is a little different to what I normally do so I’m enjoying working on that at the moment ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope things balance out for you soon too ๐Ÿ™‚


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