Good Morning 24th September 2020

How are we doing folks?

Yesterday I wrote just shy of 600 words on the vampire book. I wasn’t really in the mood to write yesterday. Work was good in the morning then I got home and chilled out for a few hours before I had a phone appointment. Then I still wasn’t feeling the urge to write. I had dinner and then played some Hollow Knight for a little while.

The problem yesterday was that where I’d got stuck on the two projects I’ve been working on I’d lost some oomph with them. So, I skipped to the next story of the vampire one and cracked those words out in about half an hour before I watched The Devil’s Rock (seriously worth a watch, folks!).

We’re getting into hoodie season, folks! 😎

Right, folks. I’m off, I’ve got an errand to run and then I’ve got an appointment to prepare for and to take and then I’ll be doing a little writing before work tonight.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning 24th September 2020

    • Well done on the 800. I think finding a level of consistency is more important than words written. In football I’ve heard commentators, players and managers saying that getting a result despite playing bad was more important than a dominating victory because even though they weren’t good, they still got the three points. I think the same applies here. Even if its bad, or we don’t feel like writing, we still do so and keeps the momentum going.

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