28th December 2020

Good evening folks!

I didn’t get into working my way through Black Blood today. I spent a lot of it switching the file from Pages to Scrivener. I will one day figure out a quicker way to do this, I know there is but I’m also quite inpatient and today instead of have a play around I just wanted to dive in!

So I spent a lot of time doing that, and then I started working through some of the comments I had on the Pages file, transferring them to a paper pad.

Raven, exploring one of my bookcases.

In case you’re new to my blog what I’m going to do is read through an almost completed draft, making notes as I go and then hopefully by the time I’ve done this I’ll have a better idea to write the ending, which at the moment is unfinished.

I need to keep better details of what I’m writing because the amount of times I’ll forget place names, or character names and so on. If I’ve got all I need on paper next to me, or on the Scrivener file then I won’t have to stop and look and then loose my for flow. I loose a lot of time to that, so it’s something I really need to get my head around.

Tomorrow after work I’m going to start reading through and making those notes.

The rest of today has been playing with my blog. I’ve added a page with all my published works, and tweaked my About Me page. Please have a look at both. I am not skilled in this web stuff but I think they look okay and are clear.

Right, I’m off for the night now. An early start tomorrow, so I’m going for an early night.

Have a good one, folks!

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