Good evening folks! Today has been one which started early and in some respects flew by. At other times it’s dragged on, but not by much. Overall it’s been a good day.

I edited two chapters, which works out at 2770 words. I think I’m getting in the swing of it now. It feels like I’m getting the words a lot tighter and hopefully more smooth to read.

I also figured out how to track how much I’m editing as well. And it’s a really simple solution I should have figured out a long time ago. It’s honestly as simple as adding keeping track of how many words I’ve edited. So today is the first day I’m tracking it but I’ve gone back and looked at what I’ve edited this month already and have added it to my records.

Yes, I know the 21st is missing, it’s not now. This is the template I was updating.

I still feel like I’m going slow, but I’d rather it be quality than just okay. I know it can be better, an editor will tear it apart but it’s a learning process for me. The more I do it, the quicker and more efficient it’ll be.

Without going into details, life isn’t fun at the moment. I’m not saying this for sympathy or excuses. I’m saying it because it affects writing. Writing is what I’m doing outside of work to focus my attention on something that I can control. I can dictate my direction. Yes, there are things outside of my control but I can control more of that then much else in my life at the moment. Work is good, writing is getting better day by day.

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