20th September 2020

I wrote 190 words on the vampire book, then hit a wall with it. So I moved onto Penal Earth, and wrote 968. That 968 words were hard work.

Today I wrote 1158 words and I dragged each one onto the page kicking and screaming.

I slept badly overnight. Yesterday I was up for about twenty hours. This afternoon I was doing something that I knew would drain me (that part of my life which I’m not talking about). It drained me but made me smile as well. As did a video chat with my best friend as well.

I’ve a lot to be grateful for. Tomorrow I’ll get up and get cracking again.

Sometimes the words are torture, sometimes the words are our own blood. Sometimes they are our souls.

3 thoughts on “20th September 2020

  1. Yeah, sometimes the words don’t want to be written, but doesn’t it feel better afterwards to have dragged them out of your brain rather than let them stay nestled in there? I haven’t counted words today, but maybe 800 or so.

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    • I know tomorrow I’ll recognise the fact that I wrote despite how hard it was, and that I didn’t just quit because of that. And I think I know how to fix the problem with the vampire story. But right now, it doesn’t feel like an accomplishment. It feels like something that has drained too much of me. I know tomorrow I’ll wake up, get my head down and write, and it’ll feel good again. And I’ll recognise that I wrote when times before I would have just quit for the day. That’s tomorrow though, once I’ve had some sleep.


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