Good Morning 9th of March 2021

Gooooooood morning, folks! How are we all doing this morning?

I am awake, dressed and have had tea! So I am ready for the day. One which I am planning to wash my car, do stuff in the garden, and get some writing done. Oh, and I need to do some tidying as well.

I haven’t written much this last seven days or so, so I need to get back on the horse again. I don’t feel I’m too far off where I would have been but I’d like to get that momentum back on track. I’ve done small amounts the last couple of days but nothing spectacular. I am nearing the end of this episode of the vampire era though, although I think it’ll need a lot of editing when I get to the next draft as I fear it’s going to be very disjointed. Part of me thinks I should have just rewritten it, but I can’t just keep rewriting. I’m hoping these edits with a little rewriting will prove fruitful. But until it’s done I’m not going to know.

Right, time for me to get cracking! I’ve got an errand to run first of all and then it’s getting stuck in!

Have an awesome day, folks!

Any type of writing is challenging when Raven is demanding to be let out!

2 thoughts on “Good Morning 9th of March 2021

  1. I think a disjointed story is easier to fix than having to fix basic plot points. You’ll be working on transitions and timeline tweaks instead of whole scenes. I got a story rejected this morning. (Rats!) I’m going to double check it for typos then search for somewhere else to submit it.

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