Good Evening, 11th August 2021

Hey Folks,

An up and down day today. But I managed to get about 1100 words written. I think I got some good content down, maybe a little more telling than showing but it generally felt a good sequence that I wrote.

Something I’ve been doing differently with this one is not writing it in order. I know there’s a word for that but I can’t think of it right now.

I’m writing what scenes come to mind and then I’ll get them connected as and when I come to them. This is something I used to do when I first started writing. It seems to help in that I’m not forcing a scene to get it to connect up in a nice little bow. I can do that later on. I can’t connect anything if I don’t have it written down.

Right, I’m gonna watch Jaws then read a little before bed.

Have a good one, folks!

4 thoughts on “Good Evening, 11th August 2021

  1. Jaws is such a fun movie! I did some brainstorming today for a write-to-market short story. If you have a dark fiction story ready or almost ready to go, the deadline is September 5th, and the submissions tab (has an image of a crow eating something bloody) is at darkmoonbooks (dot) com.

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