7th of January 2022

Good evening, folks! I hope you are all well?

I’ve got a lot of new followers to my blog these last few days, so I just want to welcome you all. It means a lot to me that me rambling here doesn’t just disappear into the void.

For today I have written 548 words on a short story that has the working title of ‘Oliver’. This is moving nicely and I think I know where I’m going with it. Last year I was working on a story called ‘Isolation’ and was never really happy with it. So I’d pretty much put it on the shelf and decided to rewrite the protagonists story, but with how the story has gone I can take the heart of ‘Isolation’ and merge it into ‘Oliver’. Something that was missing from ‘Isolation’ was a feel for the main character, now with how ‘Oliver’ has played out I’ve got the feel for him, and with how the story is going I’ll be able to merge the two stories together really well.

A pretty good day’s writing. Good progress and my brain feels like it’s really beginning to fire up.

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