Sunday 13th of February 2022

Good afternoon folks!

My Sunday has been busy and good. I’ve done a lot of sorting, and still have a bit more left, but I’ve just taken a little time to get some words written. I set a timer for thirty minutes and wrote for just over that, writing 450 words.

Why can’t I do that everyday? Just sit at my desk, pen and paper (or keyboard) and just write. A little music in the background. The cat’s “helping” with the creative process, and boom. Words were done. Quite good words as well.

Why can’t I do that more often? Why can’t I sit down, shut the world out and create? Why can’t I turn off from all of the things we all have in life and just forge these worlds? What makes today different? And you can bet your arse I’m going to be thinking this through for the rest of the day and try and recreate the elements that made this happen today.

Right, folks! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!

And remember, be awesome!

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