Good Evening, 1st of March 2022

Hey folks, how are we all doing tonight?

I’ve edited 3088 words of the zombie book today and I’m nearly at the end of it now, but the edit isn’t near done yet. I’m learning a lot about the editing process from the notes from my editor. I’ve worked with the editor before and I know how good an editor she is. Her notes have really helped me dismantle even more of what I need to do with this book to get it to where it needs to be.

I’d love to of got this story done with this draft, but it needs more work. It needs another draft, but I can see what I need to do to in the next draft.

I was at a write-in last night, and damn it’s good to be doing things like this again. It’s something I find inspiring, talking with other writers really fuels the creative well for me. Seeing how others take a story prompt compared to how I interpret it. Very fascinating.

Right, I’m off to watch a movie. Have a good one, folks!

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