Good Evening, 16th March 2022

Howdy, Folks!

How are we all doing today?

I’ve had a quiet writing day, getting 197 words on a short story done. This is for an anthology that this is now, I think, the fourth attempt to get it going. I want to think I’ve got it now, but I’m not going to count my chickens!

This has been one of those stories where I’ve got a decent idea, and a good main character but I haven’t been able to put them together in a way that clicks. It’s been frustrating and I’ve been close to messaging the publisher who invited me to submit to say I’m not going to be able to get something together for the anthology. But hopefully I don’t have to do that.

Tomorrow I’m going to dive into it a bit more and try to get a good grounding with it. I’m only a few hundred words in and it feels like it’s a delicate stage in the process.

Right, I feel like I’m on the verge of rambling so I’m going to wrap this up here.

3 thoughts on “Good Evening, 16th March 2022

  1. Haha, “chickens.” I see what you did there.:-)

    My computer died twice today! Yikes. Fortunately, we’ve been putting away a few dollars each month for the past two years just in case something like this happens, so I was able to buy a new one. It should be here tomorrow. The thought of not being able to access the work I’ve done so far on my new novel makes me queasy!

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