Flash Post – 24th April 2022

Howdy folks! how are we all doing?

I’m struggling a little to write at the moment, but I’ve managed to get 651 words down today. Although I don’t have to be in the mood to write, I can generally write when I want, it does help if I am in the mood. I’ll get a lot more done when I am feeling the flow.

But, I’ve written today. So that’s a start!

I managed to type up a lot of words I didn’t need 🤦‍♂️

2 thoughts on “Flash Post – 24th April 2022

  1. “Cut – You Muppett!!” Hahaha!
    Yesterday I got an interview, a review, and a story-specific author bio done. But as for real words on my current story-in-progress? Only three sentences. I need to get crackin’!

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