Today’s Summary

I have given myself a tough challenge to hit the big 10k by the end of the week and I’ve started off well.  I got about a 1000 words done yesterday and another 2000 today.  I am going to cheat a little and have this an eight-day week which gives me two Sundays but I should be close to hitting my target by friday if I keep at this pace at least.  I am glad that I did NaNoWriMo last year now, although I did not win it, it taught me to JUST WRITE and worry about editing etc. later on which is what i have pretty much done since NaNo.  I used to spell check each day and I will admit I’m not looking forward to spell checking an entire novella of words but that’s how it is.  Right now I’m not wasting ten minutes each day spell checking and I’m happier reading through a paper copy when I’m doing my tweaks here and there.

On another note I have finally decided which of my short stories that I will be submitting by the summer.  once I’ve finished this draft and passed it onto Owen I will read through the short story that I have chosen to make sure I am happy with it 🙂

My reward for hitting target tonight was an hour on the Xbox and battling bad guys in Arkham Asylum, but I am shattered so that can wait till this time tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Summary

  1. Congrats on the 2000 mark today! Keep up the awesome work. My writing mantra will forever be: You can’t edit what isn’t on the page. …Unless I’m feeling like an American redneck hillbilly, then I just sit down and say Git-R-Done. Those are not always my best days. 😉


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