This Week’s Target

This week I have a very simple goal of hitting a small target that I have set to be done by the end of the month.  I’m at the stage in Project Delphi where I’m doubting whether it’s going to be any good.  I’m a little worried that the story is not going to be strong enough or that the characters will not have any depth to them or that the reader just will not care about them.  I am pretty sure that this is just a stage in the process of putting the story together, especially as we have made a lot of big changes from the earlier drafts.

I’m still reading through Fahrenheit 451 but I’m getting there with it.

Last week I watched all of the Star Wars films and I’ve come to the conclusion that they really needed a Han Solo character.  This week it’s the first four Saw films 😀  And I have some gaming to do.  Recently I’ve had the urge to play some Xbox so I’d like to squeeze that in sometime too.

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Target

    • It was nice seeing how anakin skywalker became darth vader but I think it could have been done differently. The second three movies (the prequels) really needed a Solo type character to add that almost unwilling hero to the mix.

      I am enjoying Fahrenheit 451, it’s The first novel by Ray Bradbury that I’ve read and I think I’ll have to get more 🙂

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