7th August 2020

Good evening folks, 3462 words edited on a short story that I’ll be looking to submit to an anthology which has a submission deadline which is the end of the month.

I spent a fair part of the day setting up a desk in what will be an office eventually. I did get those words edited and I’m looking forward to making the most of the space. It still needs work, and it’ll be something I’ll work on over time as I’ve got more pressing things to get sorted.

Raven ‘helping’

I’ve been given a printer that means I can print the documents off and get red-penning. It’s a method that works for me; edit a digital draft, then go through a printed draft with a red-pen. Boom! Done. It’s worked well for me in the past and I think it’ll work well for me now.

It felt good getting that space set up. Not got a lot to smile about at the moment but this did feel good. Proactive and something that’s going to help me focus on writing when I have the time to sit down to get the words done.

This sort story will be with beta readers by the end of the weekend. I like it, it’s one that when I was working on it yesterday I wrote a bit which rattled me a little and I had to go out and sit in the garden for a while to compose myself. Editing it today wasn’t as bad as writing it, but still wasn’t fun. To me that means (hopefully) I got it right.

That’s a wrap for tonight. I’m knackered after a few challenging days.

Rock on, folks!

2 thoughts on “7th August 2020

  1. You made a lot of progress today! I wrote for 30 minutes then . . . you know, life and chores. Tomorrow looks promising for me, hope it does for you, too. Gorgeous pot of flowers! Raven looks picture perfect, too

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