7th October 2020

Good evening Folks. Long story short, I had a bad day yesterday. Just tired and a little down. So I watched a couple of movies, a few episodes of a TV series and chilled out for the majority of the day.

I feel shite for not getting anything done (aside from prepping for an appointment today). I had a whole to-do list set out for yesterday and aside from prepping for todays appointment, I knocked nothing off that list.

I haven’t got much from it knocked off today either. I finished work at midday and have written 577 words on the vampire book. I’ve also been working on sorting out my files. All those handwritten drafts, notes and printed drafts. I don’t have enough room in the units for what’s left, but I’ve found a lot of duplicates while working through. So hopefully I’ll have the space to put it all in. Even once I’ve done that I won’t be done. I’d like to go through it and get it organised properly.

Raven wasn’t interested in making the writing process easier today.

I’ll have a little time around work to get writing done. Then all day Friday. I’ve been off track for a few days now, so I’d like to kick myself in the arse and get back on track.

That’s my little gambit for the day. Back on track properly tomorrow.

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