Good Morning, Friday 11th of December 2020

Good morning folks!

So, I overlaid and am out of bed and at my desk an hour and a half after I was planning too, but screw it! Better late than never. My desktop has also decided to work this morning (don’t ask), so I’m going to take advantage of the larger screen and get editing the Zombie book. I can do everything on my laptop that I do on the desktop but the bigger screen makes it just that little bit easier, it’s also better positioned so it’s almost eye level on my desk. I also seem to type faster on my desktop as well.

Some new notebooks 😁

What I’m aiming for today is to get Zombie edited and get a 1000 words written, probably on Penal Earth. I feel this is nearing its ending and I’m stoked to have it almost there.

Right, I’m off to get cracking! Have an awesome day folks!

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