22nd of July 2021

Good morning, folks!

I’ve not started writing yet, got a tip run to do this morning so need to load the car up first. Then I’ve got an errand or two to run. Then I’ll get a little writing done.

I’ve got beta notes to work on for the kidnapping story, and I need to start the out loud read of Penal Earth.

So, a busy day ahead. Should be good for the body and soul though.

Max says it’s too hot already!

2 thoughts on “22nd of July 2021

  1. Good luck with your beta notes and the Penal Earth read-through. It’s hot here, too, about 30 deg. Strangely, our skies are smoky because of forest fires on the other side of the continent. The winds have blown the smoke this way. It looks apocryphal!

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