Good Morning, 21st of August 2021

Good morning all! How are we all doing today? I am out of bed but my eyelids don’t agree with this decision and are trying to shut!

I’m sure once I’ve had a cuppa tea I’ll be a lot more awake….I hope!

I’ve got a busy day away from writing today so I’m going to try and get a decent hit done this morning. I’ve always found that when I’ve got writing done first thing the rest of the day flows much easier. I think it’s because I’ve achieved something already and that gives me a pretty decent buzz.

I’m still working on mermaid but I’m kinda getting that itch to work on something else. Despite being at the point in mermaid where I’ve gone past where the short story ended I’m just feeling like I need to play with something else. I’m not sure if I want to fight that or not. I think working on something else as I’m writing mermaid isn’t a bad idea. It’s something I’ve done before and I find it quite easy as a rule.

I’ll admit, I’m feeling very tired this morning. I didn’t sleep well and had planned to be out of be by about 8am but my body got me up at about 7ish and I would have liked that extra hour. I’ve already looked at mermaid this morning but couldn’t get my brain going. So I came here to get a blog post out in the hope it’ll help me push through the fog my head seems to be wrapped in because of the lack of sleep. But we’ll see.

Or I’ll just go back to bed for another hour!

2 thoughts on “Good Morning, 21st of August 2021

    • We’ve got alarm clocks over here called Teasmaids and the basically start boiling the water at a set time so you’ve got a cuppa tea ready to go! I don’t have one, I’m happy getting outta bed for my fix! 🤣🤣🤣

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